Debbie Shannon: Bio

Based in North Carolina, Deborah comes from the corporate world having learned from the very best in creating powerful results through transcendent performance including IBM and Disney.  She has also been an entrepreneur having owned and worked with small businesses. Coaching is in her DNA – she grew up in a family of professional athletes who each reached the top of their sports with Dad as coach. Despite “brushes with success”, life, experiences & plenty of mistakes have been some of Deborah’s best teachers in the science of being human and the field of human performance.  Now a Certified Professional Life Coach, the work she does uses a methodology of deep, power-based coaching.  With the client’s results as the only priority, all work is custom, not time-based.

Successful people – those you would assume don’t need a coach – are those who seek to work with Deborah. Her clients include CEOs of corporations, academic institutions and of not-for-profit organizations. She works with entrepreneurs, managers, civic leaders, teachers, celebrities, artists and resourceful college students.  All leaders in their own worlds.  None willing to settle.

Her vision is to advance human evolution with every single connection.

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